LaBounty Retired

Kenoyer’s “Gallery”
at Railroad and Holly Streets
is a dinky gift shop (gift?)
full of kitsch.

At that corner
Friday noon
the first really warm day
I saw Ed LaBounty
talking to some derelict.

I hadn‘t seen Ed
since last May
when I asked him
on the city bus
what he planned to do, pray
with his retirement
(he was teaching composition
and had been chairman
of the Music Department
back when I was chair of Soc).

He told me
he refused to plan
until the day came.

So on the street corner
I called “Hi!”
and he lit up
and grabbed my elbows
and said “Don’t ever get involved
with weedeaters!
They’re awful!”

He laughed and turned down Railroad
toward Gus and Nap’s Tavern.