Zorba: Learning to Howl

I showed you how to howl.

As you sat in our backyard
Looking blank (or self-absorbed?)
I called “Oo-woooo!” like a coyote
From the bathroom window.
You looked up, curious.

Your nose rose skyward, then an “Oo-”
Escaped the O your lips had formed.
Your muzzle and surprized eyes
Snapped back toward me.  “Did I do that?”
You looked down, dubious.

Head back, again you formed your O.  This time
You howled loudly (for all the neighbors)
“Oooooooo-wooooooo-wooooooo! Wooo-woo!”
Wagging your tail as the wail trailed off.
You acted guilty when I called you in.

You often spooked the neighbors after that
Calling from among the fallen headstones 
Of the pioneer graveyard in the fog
Up the little hill two blocks away.
I acted innocent if anyone brought it up.