Zorba: What Happened?

What happened after three good years?

“Zorba!  Come back here, damn you!” I screamed it repeatedly
at the top of my lungs as you chased that terrified kid
racing away on his bike down Harris Street.
But you wouldn’t obey me.  

Damn her.  What had that hideous German lady done to you?
That pig across the street, Mrs. Sulle [? she said it like Sully],
took you from us a little every day (while we were up at campus)
with peanut butter and lard in hollow rings of bone.
I found you hiding, shaking, terrified under her house.  Why?

At the Humane Society I explained why I had to bring you back.
You probably needed to be with a family, with children
around all day?  If they couldn’t arrange it I’d take you back?
I checked in a week, but you were gone.  What happened?