USF: Gleason

It seemed odd to be a Chemistry major
taking English in the Chemistry lecture room,
but Dr. Gleason seemed to like it
(he said he had his first degree in that subject 
[before turning to renaissance literature]
and didn’t mind the sink in the lecture table,
sliding blackboards, tiered seating and periodic chart,
or Chemistry majors)

He did mind his wife’s knowing seven languages
(he knew but five)

His daily greeting:
“Good morning, gentlemen [pause] and Miss Wence”
(we never knew what she was doing in our class;
she looked like an East-European spy.  Why?)

He could be pompous:
“I should think any graduate who hadn’t read Petrarch an ass.” or
“I suggest that before littering your compositions with words like
‘crud’ or ‘rutty’ you examine their meanings in a good dictionary.”
(he also advised:  no one can expect an undergraduate
to know more on a topic than can be found in a good encyclopedia)