Sonnet with A Different Letter ...*
Starbuck, George (1931-)

O for a muse of fire, a sack of dough,
Or both!  O promissory notes of woe!
One time in Santa Fe N.M.
Ol' Winfield Townley Scott and I ... But whoa.

One can exert oneself,  ff ,
Or architect a heaven like Rimbaud,
Or if that seems, how shall I say,  de trop ,
One can at least write sonnets, a propos
Of nothing save the do-re-mi-fa-sol
Of poetry itself.  Is not the row
Of perfect rhymes, the terminal bon mot,
Obeisance enough to the Great O?

"Observe," said Chairman Mao to Premier Chou,
"On voyage  Parnasse pour prendre les eaux.
On voyage comme poisson, incog."

* Sonnet with a Different Letter at the End of Every Line

The Oxford Book of American Light Verse (Harmon)

ff: fortissimo
de trop: too much
bon mot: clever saying

French sentences:
they travel to Paranssus to take the waters,
they travel as fish