Brooke, Rupert (1887-1915)

Warm perfumes like a breath from vine and tree
  Drift down the darkness.  Plangent, hidden from eyes,
  Somewhere an  eukaleli  thrills and cries
And stabs with pain the night's brown savagery;
And dark scents whisper; and dim waves creep to me,
  Gleam like a woman's hair, stretch out, and rise;
  And new stars burn into the ancient skies,
Over the murmurous soft Hawaian sea.

And I recall, lose, grasp, forget again,
  And still remember, a tale I have heard, or known,
An empty tale, of idleness and pain,
  Of two that loved -- or did not love -- and one
Whose perplexed heart did evil, foolishly,
A long while since, and by some other sea.

Waikiki, 1913

Rupert Brooke: a reappraisal and selection (Timothy Rogers)

plangent -- deep reverberating sounds like ocean waves; loud, resounding like bells; expressing sadness, plaintive