Letter to the Bellingham (WA)Herald
written after President Clinton reneged on his promise to permit gays in the military
the letter was refused by the "newspaper" which routinely publishes bigotry

30 May 1993

Editor, Bellingham Herald
1155 N. State
Bellingham WA 98225

To the Editor:

Fundamentalists who favor banning gays from the military cite the Bible as the basis of their view. Leviticus 18:22 and Romans 1:27 say homosexuality is an abomination.

The "Good Book" can also be cited as approving of slavery, race hatred, oppression of women, rape of the environment and the slaughter of innocent children. Fortunately, the First Amendment to our Constitution makes it impossible to base public law or policy on any religious tenet, however interpreted and however large the majority which happens to proclaim it.

The section of Leviticus which condemns homosexuality also condemns the eating of rabbit, pig, shrimp, lobster, crab, etc. (while approving the eating of locusts, crickets and grasshoppers). It regards menstruating women as unclean for seven days. It forbids cutting men's hair or trimming their beards. It bans wearing two kinds of cloth (e.g., linen and wool) and eating dairy products with meat (e.g., a chesseburger). Deuteronomy 21-3 says that drunkards and gluttons should be stoned to death, prohibits women from wearing men's clothing, and condemns charging interest on loans.

In the Old Testament God used up two commandments condemning adultery. Why didn't He use one of these to condemn homosexuality? In the New Testament neither Jesus nor any of His apostles make any reference to homosexuality. Religion-based homophobia is cafeteria fundamentalism.

Ed Stephan