Day 15: Torcello, Burano, Shopping in Campo S. Stefano, "Carnevale"

Our last full day in Venice. Began the day, as usual, down at the Zattere. This time there was a beautiful sunrise over the Giudecca. We were joined by Sally and Peggy and Eleanor and Giannina. Then along came Liesl on her morning jog. We offered her our audience, but she declined ("never before 8:00"). After breakfast we went to the islands of Torcello and Burano by private boat. Had a good tour of the Venice Lagoon in the process. Saw undeveloped islands which gave us an idea of what the early settlers had to work with (not much). We especially liked Torcello, with its trees and unpaved places. The old church there, Basilica di Sta. Maria Assunta, was well worth the visit. Burano is charming, with its brightly painted houses, and a great source for lace, but we probably would have enjoyed it more on a quieter (non market) day. Unlike Venice, housing here is affordable for working couples.

Torcello -- Wikipedia article

landing at Torcello

canal on Torcello

crossing the canal

Aerial views

Santa Fosca, 5th century

Assunta Basilica, 11th c.

town square

Last Judgement, S.M. Assunta

original settlers' plaques

one of the plaques

unsettled islands

Burano -- Wikipedia article

colorful buildings

family apartments

the market

lace shop

leaning tower

funeral boat

Afternoon Shopping

Back at our hotel we rested until the shops re-opened at 3:30 after siesta. We returned to Campo San Stefano. We've been hanging out a lot there lately. Couldn't be because of our last name? Bought a cat-faced carnival mask for Karen. Looked at Venetian paper items but decided they were a little too expensive. Bought some glass gifts at a shop near the hotel, and a "Dottore" or "Turco" mask for Edward (it's like the plague mask, but the long "beak" points downward). I fed some pigeons out of my hand.

Evening Carnevale

Dottore →
We had a celebration tonight - a "carnevale". Unfortunately, my camera battery picked this moment to die. Most of us wore masks. We think the best mask was Al Fredrickson's homemade one - an Indian war bonnet constructed from recycled pigeon tail feathers. It was a lot of fun. Laura sent me this photo →

We all sang Auld Lang Syne and said goodbye to most of the group. Many are going to other parts of Italy, but we're glad to be going home. We returned to our room a little before 10pm, finished packing and, with some misgivings, set our bags outside our door - right on the canal itself - where we hoped they would be picked up by the hotel staff rather than passersby.

Laura, Ed and Karen