Cathedral Church of San Rufino
Assisi (PG) Italy

  1. High Altar
  2. St. Lucy
  3. San Rufino d'Arce
  4. Altar of the relics
  5. St. Francis
  6. San Vitale
  7. St. Andrew
  8. Our Lady of Consolation - Pieta
    The Chapel of Our Lady of Consolation was built in 1496 as a consequence of a miracle. In 1494 people had seen the image of Our lady of Sorrows weeping over the Christ in her arms. This German terracotta sculpture from the early 15th c. has recently been stolen. An identical wooden copy now stands at the same place.
  9. San Emedio
  10. Immaculate Conception
  11. The Most Holy Crucifix
  12. St. Aetano da Thiene
  13. St. Gregory the Great
  14. St. James and St Anthony, Abbot
  15. St. Philip Benizi
  16. St. Lawrence
  17. Blessed Sacrament Chapel
  18. St. Joseph
  19. Baptismal Font

adapted from Gualtiero Bellucci, Assisi: Heart of the World

In the Museum of San Rufino you will find the Triptich by Niccolò Liberatore, known as "L'Alunno", of the "Enthroned Madonna with Child and the Saints" (1470) and the frescoes by Puccio Capanna of the Flagellation, the Crucifixion and the Deposition in the Sepulchre (1347). The 3rd century sarcophagus with the myth of Diana supposedly contains the corps of St. Rufinus. YouTube has a 4 min. video showing some of this.