Church of San Damiano
Assisi (PG) Italy

  1. External Cloister
  2. Entrance: Chapel of St. Jerome
  3. Chapel of the Most Holy Crucifix ("home" of the Canticle
  4. Church of St. Francis' Conversion
  5. Apse with the "Communion grating" of the "Poor Clares"
  6. Little Choir of St. Clare - 2nd pic
  7. Little Garden of St. Clare
  8. Oratory of St. Clare
  9. Dormitory in which St. Clare died (1253) - 2nd pic
  10. Inner Cloister - 2nd pic
  11. Refectory of St. Clare - 2nd pic
  12. Infirmary (from the outside)
  13. Exit to the Outer Cloister
  14. Convent Porter's Box

adapted from Gualtiero Bellucci, Assisi: Heart of the World