Paintings in the Basilica of St. Clare
Assisi (PG) Italy

  1. St. Anges of Assisi
  2. St. Catherine and other female saints
  3. Our Lady with the child and St. Clare
  4. Sts. Cecilia and Lucy
  5. Crib
  6. "Madonna della Cortina"
  7. The Creation of the Adam and Eve
  8. Adam and Eve are driven out from the garden of Eden
  9. Painting of St. Clare and scenes from her life
    The tavola should be viewed clockwise beginning with the bottom left. Bishop Guido hands an olive branch to St. Clare. St. Clare being taken in by the friars at the Porziuncola, her taking of the veil and her father's attempt to force her to abandon her intention. On the right is Agnes, who is being held back from following her sister Clare, the scene in which a cross appears on a loaf of bread before the Pope’s eyes, the saint on her deathbed and her funeral, which was attended by the Pope.
  10. Funeral of St. Clare - translation of her body
  11. Slaughter of the innocents - flight to Egypt - Jesus among the teachers
  12. Chapel of St. Agnes
  13. The Virgin, St. Clare, St. John the Baptist, St. John the Evangelist, and St. Francis
  14. (abc) The Annunciation, crib, adoration of the Magi, St. George
  15. Crucifix which spoke to St. Francis in San Damiano
  16. (abc) Stigmata, Our Lady among the angels and Saints Roch, Jerome, Clare and Urban
  17. Reliquaries and triptychs

adapted from Gualtiero Bellucci, Assisi: Heart of the World