1. St. Anthony, Abbot
  2. miracle of Anthony
  3. Anthony, Abbot
  4. baptismal font
  5. allegories of the virtues
  6. glory of Anthony
  7. virtues
  • St. John the Baptist
    (all paintings by Giacomo Giorgetti)
    1. birth of the Baptist
    2. St. John baptises Jesus in the Jordan
    3. preaching of the Baptist
    4. preaching of the Baptist
    5. paradise
    6. beheading of the Baptist
    1. St. Anne, 1602-1603
      (all paintings by Pomarancio aka Antonio Circignani, c. 1570 1630)
      1. wedding of the virgin
      2. birth of Our Lady
      3. presentation at the Temple
      4. Jesus among the doctors
      5. Pentecost
      6. wedding at Cana
    2. St. Pius V
      (all paintings by Baldassarre Croce, 1563-1638)
      1. at Cannara, Francis receives a couple in the 3rd Order
      2. Ecstasy of Pius V
      3. Francis obtains the Pardon of Assisi
      4. Assumption of Our Lady
      5. Mary visits Elizabeth
      6. presentation at the Temple
    Basilica of the Porziuncula -- paintings in the chapels
    adapted from Gualtiero Bellucci, Assisi: Heart of the World

    1. the Crib
      1. procession of the sacred veil (Silla Piccinini)
      2. crib (Domenico Pace da Urbino)
      3. Francis receives the Mount of Verna (Silla Piccinini)
      4. scenes from the life of Francis (Giovan Battista Lombardelli)
      5. "
      6. "
    2. St. Peter in Chains, 1756-1760 (pieces by Giovanni Regnaud, called Giovanni de Champagne, pupil of Bernini; Gian Domenico Mattei)
        above altar: Peter is free from prison right side: altar of Peter of Alcantara and Margaret of Cortona (Francesco Appiani, 1704-1793) left side: altar of the reliquaries
    3. St. Diego d'Alcalá
      (Antonio Maria Garbi)
      1. Francis announces the Pardon (Antonio Cavallucci, 1752-1795)
      2. Diego heals the sick (Ippolito d Cocero)
      3. Francis gets confirmation of the Pardon (Baldassarre, Orsini)
      4. glory of Diego and cardinal virtues (Antonio Maria Garbi)
    4. the Stigmata, 1630
      1. verification of the Stigmata (Giacomo Giorgetti)
      2. Stigmata (Giacomo Giorgetti)
      3. Clare venerates deceased Francis (Cesare Sermei, c.1609 1668)
      4. vesting of the tertiaries (Giorgetti)
      5. Francis welcomed into Paradise (Cesare Sermei, c.1609 1668)
      6. approval of the Rule
    1. the Removal of the Lord, 1602
      above the altar: urn with ashes of St. Massimino
      1. Christ leaving Mary before the Passion (Crispolti)
      2. removal from the cross (Croce)
      3. risen Christ presenting those freed from Limbo (Crispolti)
      4. vesting of Clare at Porziuncola (Croce)
      5. resurrection of Christ (Ventura Salimbeni, c. 1567-1613)
      6. dying Clare with Pope (Ventura Salimbeni), c. 1567-1613)
    2. the Crowned Virgin
      (all paintings by Simone Ciburri, ? 1614)
      1. mystical meal of Clare and Francis at Porziuncola
      2. coronation of Mary and empty tomb
      3. miracle of Diego
    3. Our Lady of the Rosary
      1. martydom of Rufino (Morelli)
      2. Our Lady and saints (Domenico Maria Muratori)
      3. Galeazzo Alessi presents basilica plans to Pius V (Baldassarre Orsini)
      4. Clare drive back the Saracens (Morelli)
      5. triumph of Rufino (Morelli)
      6. Elizabeth of Hungary, Dominic and Francis (Morelli)
    4. the Holy Cross
      (transept donated town council of Perugia, 1718)
      on altar: 16th century crucifix
      at the top, Eternal Father (Brozzini)
      right: James della Marca, Leonardo Portomaurizio, Salvatore of Horta (Ippolito of Coceto)
      left: Xavier of Horta, Peter Regalato, Margaret of Cortona (Ippolito of Coceto)