Day 14 (Sun, Sep 28): Cruising / Santorini / Mykonos

We got into Santorini on shedule, about 7:00 am. After breakfast Karen went on the shore excursion to Fira (aka Thera) while I stayed back on board. I figured I couldn't see anything anyway, so I might as well relax. While the ship and I sat in the center of what had been an ancient volcano which blew away the Minoan civilization about 1450 BC, Karen and the Reeves took a tender to the island. They waited in a long line then rode donkeys up to the top. It was quite an experience. Robin's and Karen's mules took off like a shot before the mule drivers got them under control. Karen's driver held on to the tail of her donkey all the way to the top. Robin's mount was named Fernando. Karen never learned the name of hers. They made it to the top in one piece. Karen said her heart nearly stopped when she realized they had been riding for an eternity and had only reached the 200th step -- there are 600 in all.

Fira (Thera) on top of Santorini.

Note the long climb in the lower right corner of the last picture.

They took some pictures then walked back down. Halfway down Robin decided to ride the rest of the way ... a slow donkey this time. They took the launch back to the ship, arriving about 10:00, and adjourned to to the Lido deck where they found me (surprize!) getting some sun. We all had lunch up there and stayed out till about 2:00.

We had a nap and then, about 4:30, took a launch to Mykonos. We bought a copy of the fresco of the bull dancers plus a few small gifts. Mykonos is a delightful place -- all narrow winding streets and white-washed buildings. There are lots and lots of cats. As it darkened the ship got itself all lit up down in the harbor - decks lit, a long string of lights from stem to stern, like a nighttime garden party. I wish I had, or could find, a picture of that.

We had a beer in a cafe on he waterfront. Were joined by the Reeves. An old man came by selling hot pistachios and filberts from a hand-held brass and glass case. Returned to the ship and packed our suitcases, then went up to the piano bar for drinks. Tonight was a bufffet dinner. We ate with the Reeves and the Rodriguezes. After dinner we went up to the Lido bar. Were joined by Christina. Later we went to the Solaris Lounge and watched part of the passengers' talent show. Some crazy lady from Montreal sang some American Indian songs and did a rather idiotic dance. The Europeans laughed their heads off. I'm glad we didn't see much of that show.

Additional Notes --

  • Lucy (from Colombia) has been ailing the last couple of days. She said she had the "Turkish flu".
  • When I was sunning on the Lido deck this morning I watched a tiny member of the crew make a huge leap to reach the ladder on the mast in order to replace a light bulb on the line stretched above the deck.
  • The man who held on to the tail of Karen's donkey on the way up Santorini had two thumbs on one hand.