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Home Address    523 13th Street
                Bellingham WA 98225-6102

Phone:          (360) 733-4781
Website:        http://www.edstephan.org
E-mail:         ed#edstephan.org  (substitute '@' for '#')

Work Address:   Demography/Sociology
                Western Washington University
                Bellingham WA 98225-9801

Phone:          (360) 650-3002
Fax:            (360) 650-7295
   Birth: St. Vincent's Hospital, Los Angeles CA, December 27, 1939

   Marital Status: married, Karen Harding, Eugene OR, October 15, 1966


   Place of Residence: California, Oregon, Washington
     1939-1942   Glendale CA
     1942-1957   Paso Robles CA
     1957-1965   San Francisco CA
     1965-1970   Eugene OR
     1970-date   Bellingham WA
   Primary and Secondary Education:
     1945-1953   K-8, Public Schools, Paso Robles CA
     1953-1956   St.Anthony's Seminary (Franciscan), Santa Barbara CA
                 (once fluent in written/spoken Latin, Greek, Spanish)
     1956-1957   Villanova Preparatory School, Ojai CA
   College and Universities Attended:
     sumr 1957   California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo CA
     1957-1961   University of San Francisco, San Francisco CA
                 1957-1959 - Chemistry; 1959-1961 - Political Science
     1963-1965   San Francisco State University (State College until 1972)
                 Jun 1965 - B.A., Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science
     1965-1970   University of Oregon, Eugene OR
                 Mar 1970 -  Ph.D., Sociology    


   San Francisco State College
     1964-1965   Graduate Assistant (Instructor, Social Science)

   University of Oregon
     1965-1969   National Institute of Mental Health Fellow in Methodology
     sumr 1966   Research Assistant, Ctr for the Adv St of Educ Admin  
     1967-1969   Instructor, Sociology Department
     1969-1970   Instructor, Honors College

   Western Washington University (State College until 1976)
     1970-1973   Assistant Professor
     1973-1976   Associate Professor
     1976-1999   Professor
     2000-       Professor Emeritus

     1972-1973   (first) Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
     1974-1978   (founding) Chairman, Sociology (Sociology/Anthropology until 1976)
     sprg 1977   Chairman, Faculty Caucus, All-University Senate
     1977-1979   (founding) President, Faculty Senate
          1979   co-incorporator, Faculty Club


   San Francisco State College
     two lower-division Social Science courses (two lecture sections each);
       the first covered psychology, sociology and anthropology;
       the second covered political science and economics

   University of Oregon
     American Society (Sociology Department)
     American Society for Foreign Students (Foreign Study Office)
     Social Science, all fields, 3-qtr sequence (Honors College)

   Western Washington University (typical enrollment)
     Introductory:    [solo & team] Introduction to Sociology (100-500)
                      [interdepartmental] Behavioral Science (400)
                      Evolution of Society (100)
     Upper Division:  History of Social Thought (70-100)
                      Introduction to Demography (50-80)
                      Social Statistics (50-80)
                      Theory Construction (70)
     Graduate:        Seminar in the History of Social Thought (10)

   PUBLICATIONS [co-authors bracketed]

   "The concept of community in human ecology"
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   "Variation in county size: a theory of segmental growth"
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   ratio-variables, multicollinearity, logarithmic transformations
   or regression analysis"
   Journal of Regional Science, 1985, 25:427-35  
   "The distribution of service establishments"
   Journal of Regional Science, 1988, 28:29-40

   Demographic Research Laboratory Homepage
   created and maintained 1994/5. Transferred to Lucky Tedrow Summer 95
   asciimap of Washington with demographic profile links, 
   OnlinePyramid Maker, Online Life Table Maker

   "For Love, for Money, for Real Money:
   Life Expectancy Among 19th Century Baseball Players" 
   added to website 15 Dec 94

   The Division of Territory in Society
   an online book of size-density and time-minimization research
   added to website Summer 95, added to the Internet Online Books 18 Jul 95.

   "Demography on Postage Stamps"
   Topical Time, 1995, 46:28-32

   World Lecture Hall, University of Texas - my syllabi (201, 302, 321)
   were the first three Sociology courses included at this site, 27 Jan 96

   John Graunt Homepage
   HTML translation of Graunt's "Bills of Mortality" (listed in Online Books)  
   plus additional texts and images related to Graunt's time and work
   added to website Jan/Feb 1996

   Fall, 1996: created webpages for College of Arts and Sciences
   Departments of English, Foreign Language, History, Philosophy 
   Programs in East Asian Studies, Linguisitics

   Timeline of Sociology
   a listing of on-line biographies and books from 1600, Winter 96

   Malthus' Essay on Population
   online html translation of Malthus' First Essay, August 97