The Tower Santa Ynez Mountains Santa Ynez Mountains Dormitory (before 1960s: multi-use), basketball courts in front, handball to left Beyond: a Courtyard and Christ the King Chapel basketball court The Refectory (dining room) Senior Dorm "The Tunnel" basement corridor: (far side, "the jakes"), laundry/sorting rooms, athletic equipment Mt. LaCumbre Hallway from Cloister to Classrooms Meeting Room (Library earlier), Toiletries/Stationery Store on far side Father Rector (far right), Administration Prefect Offices/Bedrooms, Main Music Room, Music Practice Rooms, Darkroom on far side Main Stairwell Cloister Junior Dorm - "The Barn" Base to Visitor Parking Lot Study Hall and Auditorium/Theater Classrooms ImageMap - turn on images!!!

St. Anthony's Seminary, Santa Barbara, California
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