St. Anthony's Annual Reunion, 2000, July 21, 22, 23 & 24

1. TOUR ORIENTATION (start here) 11. the courtyard - chapel to the left, second floor music practice rooms to the right
2. the gate leading from the Mission dining room to St. Anthony's 12. Main building viewed from the fron the Study Hall
3. we knew it as the Senior Dorm (and Refectory and the Fill-in) - it's now rented as a Waldorf School 13. Study Hall and Classroom Building - now rented as Santa Barbara Middle School
4. the "huts" - gateway to Tortilla Flat (workshops) 14. facade of the Main Building
5. wide angle from Tortilla Flat - the Senior Dorm and Kitchen Door, the Cloister chapel 15. Saint Anthony's College - founded 1899
6. the Grotto, minus a few large, shading trees 16. construction of a new driveway for the Middle School - down toward the old beehives and garage
7. veranda along the canyon wall - very much in need of weeding and repair 17. wide-angle shot from the Fill-in
8. Christ the King chapel 18. near the Senior Dorm - the garden I helped construct (it used to have a fishpond and a small statue/fountain)
9. a view of the canyon from near "the Casa" 19. east from the little garden back toward the gate entry to the Mission (weedy basketball courts to the left)
10. the walk from the Chapel to the Study Hall 20. the swimming pool, just inside the gate, regretably not open at the time of our tour (I took the photo over the wall)

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