St. Anthony's Annual Reunion, 2000, July 21, 22, 23 & 24

1. back staircase entry - the building is unused and closed, but I found a way in on Saturday; this is my private "inside" tour 11. downstairs to the main floor, looking west - to the right is the stationery store (Papermate? Colgate?)
2. Fr. Hilary's Art Appreciation slide show room - now home to the SB Boys Choir 12. turning eastward - there used to a pendulum 'regulator' clock here; Rector's office end of hall
3. Doorway to the Tower - storage room for theatical stuff, shades of "Vertigo" 13. into the basement - on my tour, without the camera's flash, this was even scarier than it looks
4. hallway connecting the staircase to the "the Barn" (Junior Dorm) 14. basement, looking westward - used to get Bro. Sylvester's jelly sandwiches here
5. east off the hallway, headed toward The Barn, the showers - "cleanliness is next to ...." 15. the washing machines - not exactly 'Star Trek' technology!
6. into the Barn - bathroom (usually locked), lavatories; at the left is a laundry chute, my bed was in front of the window 16. the laundry room - couldn't find my old number, 178
7. turning left, looking west - there are now walls which make small rooms at each end (bats flew in through that window) 17. sports equipment room - that's a Lancers uniform; how did we ever fit into those things?
8. I've gone downstairs one flight, still looking west - photo lab on the right, classrooms through the double doors 18. high point, or low point, of the tour - the Jakes
9. turning to the right, Fr. Martial's Music Room - obviously since given over to other pursuits 19. even lower point - it's been nearly fifty years, but the smell seems to linger
10. down the hall, northward (one floor down from #4 above) - the piano practice rooms. Locked. 20. conclusion of my "inside" tour - return from the depths, fresh air and sunshine at last!

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