Music in Christ the King Chapel, St. Anthony's Seminary

Santa Barbara Quire of Voyces
The Santa Barbara Quire of Voyces is the premiere choral ensemble at Santa Barbara City College. They were founded in 1993 as a nonprofit group in an effort to rediscover the sacred choral music of the Renaissance Period and the Twentieth Century. The group is dedicated to the highest quality performances of this fine music in historic settings. The Quire of Voyces is made up of talented singers from the Central Coast area. They rehearse once a week and give three concerts annually. They have been featured on KDB 93.7 FM and KEYT TV, and three times in the last year on The First Art, a production of Chorus America, broadcast on National Public Radio. The Quire of Voyces is a performance ensemble currently sponsored by the Santa Barbara City College Music Dept. We are also on the internet; our email address is and our web site is All Quire of Voyces concerts are held at St. Anthony's Seminary Chapel, 2300 Garden St., Santa Barbara

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CDs Recorded in the Chapel

  • Mumtaz Mahal
  • N. Ravikiran,Chitra Vina; Taj Mahal, Vocal/Guitar; V.M. Bhatt, Mohan Vina
  • Recorded by Kavichandran Alexander in April 1994.
  • "The languor of an air-conditioned room in the heat of the tropics, the loneliness of a big city, love poems and the Beloved, the ethos of a Rag, the pathos of the Blues...these are all elements, belonging to very different worlds, which can yet come together in the hearts of men who can love, and lose, and love again." - Kavichandran Alexander
  • Taj's Hindustâni Blues (review)

  • Tabula Rasa
  • Béla Fleck, Banjo; V.M. Bhatt, Mohan Vina; Jie-Bing Chen, Erhu; P. Srinivasan, Mridangam; S. Shankar, Violin; R. Majumdar, Bansuri
  • Recorded by Kavichandran Alexander in October 1994
  • This work is dedicated to Pandit Ravi Shankar and Earl Scruggs.
  • This is a pure analog recording done exclusively with custom-built triode vacuum-tube electronics. The microphone setup was the classic Blumlein arrangement. No noise reduction, equalization, compression, or limiting of any sort was used in the making of this recording. .
  • "All contributions that came together to fuse into this music were brought to it by thoroughly qualified exponents, experts in their particular fields, whether Hindustani, Karnatak, Jazz, Newgrass, or classical Chinese. What coalesced in three days of spontaneous artistic creativity truly charts virgin territory." - Kavichandran Alexander

  • Masterpieces of Chinese Traditional Music
  • Chinese Instrumental Ensemble: Conductor Xi Pai-kun; Erhu, Chen Jie-bing; Guzheng, Liu Wei-shan; Yangqin, Zhao Yang-qin; Pipa, Min Xiao-fen; Cello, Chen Bei; Bass, Gao Long; Percussion, Zheng Wen
  • This Wind Records CD features traditional folk music of China performed by the highly regarded Chinese Instrumental Ensemble. The seven classics heard on this recording feature some of the most outstanding talent performing traditional and contemporary Chinese music in the world. The compositions represent a variety of themes, from the Long-drum-dance of the Yao tribe to the legendary tragic love story of Scholar Liang and Lady Chou.

  • Bourbon and Rosewater
  • V.M. Bhatt & Jerry Douglas, and Edgar Meyer, bassist
  • Recorded by Kavichandran Alexander April 1994
  • This work is dedicated to Bill Monroe and Baba Allauddin Khan
  • "Bourbon & Rosewater represents the collaboration of V.M. Bhatt & Jerry Douglas, as well as Edgar Meyer, bassist on the label Water Lily Acoustics. The similarity between Vishwa Mohan's Mohan Vina and Jerry's dobro was the original impetus that led to this recording." - Kavichandran Alexander