The blue text on the chart and the events indicated by dots on the line are hyperlinked - just click them.
Some suggestions for activism below graph. Note: WWII refers to US participation, 8 Dec 41 - 15 Aug 45.

number of Weapons of Mass Destruction discovered = NONE

Activism: suggestions sent to me about ways to spread the word:
  • A computer tech, whenever he uses a library or public computer, changes the background/desktop to this graph. Here's how: (1) Click Start, and then click Control Panel (2) Click Appearance and Themes (3) Under Pick a task, click Change the desktop background (4) To use a picture from a Web site, on the site, right-click the image, and then click Set as Desktop Background.
  • A college student tells me she pins the chart to her backpack.
  • A trucker says he just scrawls the daily total in the road scum on the rear of long-haul trucks.
  • Someone wrote that he pastes the chart inside both rear windows of his car so others can read it at the stoplight.
  • One writer puts this at the bottom of every email: "US military killed in Iraq = 1,330 -".
  • An OIF veteran paints the number on his truck with removable paint. He will be returning there next summer and writes "Keep it up!" Think about that.
  • Every Saturday demonstrators decorate their flag-drapped fake coffin with numerals, backed with velcro for easy change.
  • Taping 3" or 4" reflective mailbox numbers in a vehicle's rear window is highly visible, especially at night, and easy to update.
  • A math teacher uses the casualty count in algebra and pre-calculus classes. Search "Iraq" here and here.
  • A writer has a 12' sign on the front of her house, on a busy street, that reads "THE COST OF BUSH'S WAR IN IRAQ DEAD / DOLLARS"; she changes the numbers weekly.
  • Check out The Downing Street Memo and follow up on the action suggestions.