Demography at WWU

The Population Association of America, the world's premiere professional association for demographers, at its 1996 annual meetings in New Orleans, honored Western Washington University by dedicating a special session to this university's contributions to the field of demography.

We have, in fact, over the years graduated a number of students who have gone on to get their MAs and/or PhDs in the field, contribute to its research and literature, and who now prepare still more students for such work. We have also emphasized demography at the undergraduate level to an unusual degree, supported summer research experiences for undergraduates from around the nation, and supported student research in the field.

Times have changed. Though much of the work in the past was done with little or no support from the sociology department or the university, both now appear to be hostile toward such work and the field/approach in general. Too bad. It was a fun ride.

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