Max Weber
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Works by Weber
304 W38fgFrom Max Weber: essays in sociology
330.1 W38tThe theory of social and economic organization
BL1801. W33The religion of China: Confucianism and Taoism
BL2001. W443The religion of India; the sociology of Buddhism and Hinduism
BL60. W433The sociology of religion
BR115. E3 W4The protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism
BS1192. W413Ancient Judaism
DK263.1 6. W4313The Russian Revolutions
H61. W4Max Weber on the methodology of the social sciences
H61. W4213Roscher and Knies: the logical problems of historical economy
HB501. W4714213Max Weber on capitalism, bureaucracy and religion
HM24. W4213Critique of Stammler
HM51. W396Max Weber: the interpretation of social reality
HM51. W396Max Weber: selections in translation
HM51. W3963213Sociological writings
HM57. W342Economy and society: an outline of interpretive sociology
HM57. W343Basic concepts in sociology
HT151. W413The city
JC263. W38213Weber: political writings
LA727. W4213Max Weber on universities
ML3800. W37The rational and social foundations of music
ND237. W37 W47Max Weber
Works About Weber
B3361. 27 R67Roth, GuentherMax Weber's vision of history: ethics and methods
B3361. 27 S44Segady, ThomasValues, neo Kantianism, and the development of Weberian methodology
B785. L3954 J3Jaspers, KarlThree essays: Leonardo, Descartes, Max Weber
B829.5 . S38Schutz, AlfredOn phenomenology and social relations; selected writings
BL60. S295Schlushter, WolfgangRationalism, religion, and domination: a Weberian perspective
BP173. 25. W4Turner, Bryan S. Weber and Islam: a critical study
BR115. E3 E4Eisenstadt, S.N.The Protestant ethic and modernization; a comparative view
BR115. E3 R62Robertson, HectorAspects of the rise of economic individualism
H59. W4 M3Mayer, J.P.Max Weber and German politics, a study in poltical sociology
H61. W42 B87Berger, ThomasMax Weber's theory of concept formation: history, laws, and ideal types
HB107. W4 F83Fugen, Hans NorbertMax Weber: mit selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumenten
HB107. W4 W413Weber, MarianneMax Weber: a biography
HM101. S2817Scaff, LawrenceFleeing the iron cage: culture, politics, and modernity in the thought of Max Weber
HM13. D48Duetscher, SoziologentagMax Weber and sociology today
HM131. W38WeberMax Weber on charisma and institiution building
HM19. G44Gerth, HansPolitics, character, and culture: perspectives
HM19. G53Giddens, AnthonyCapitalism and modern social theory; an analysis of the writings of Marx, Durkheim, Weber
HM19. M85 Munch, RichardUnderstanding modernity: toward a new perspective going beyond Durkheim and Weber
HM213. S22Sadri, AhmadMax Weber's sociology of intellectuals
HM22Kalhberg, StephenMax Weber's comparative-historical sociology
HM22. G3 K446Kivesto, PeterMax Weber, a bio-bibliography
HM22. G3 W42Bendix, ReinhardMax Weber: an intellectual portrait
HM22. G3 W423Bendix, ReinhardScholarship and partisanship; essays on Max Weber
HM22. G3 W42367Brubaker, RogerThe limits of rationality: an essay on the social and moral thoughts of Max Weber
HM22. G3 W4413Freund, JulienThe sociology of Max Weber
HM22. G3 W444Homgsheim, PaulOn Max Weber
HM22. G3 W448Lachmann, Ludwig M.The legacy of Max Weber: three essays
HM22. G3 W45453Lowith, KarlMax Weber and Karl Marx
HM22. G3 W45455MacRae, DonaldMax Weber
HM22. G3 W45457ed. Sahay, ArunMax Weber and modern sociology
HM22. G3 W455Mitzman, ArthurThe iron cage: an historical interpretation of Max Weber
HM22. G3 W456Mommesen, WolfgangThe age of bureaucracy; perspectives on the political sociology of Max Weber
HM22. G3 W4567Parkin, FrankMax Weber
HM22. G3 W4568Peukert, DetlevMax Weber's Diagonose der Moderne
HM22. G3 W485Wrong, Dennis HumeMax Weber
HM24. H456Hekman, SusanWeber, the ideal type and contemporary social theory
HM24. R65Rogers, Rolf E.Max Weber's ideal type theory
HM271. B378Bendix, ReinhardForce, fate, and freedom
HM57. S413Schutz, AlfredThe phenomenology of the social world
HN17. F74Friedman, Kathi V.Legitimation of social rights and the western welfare state: a Weberian perspective
HN683. S47 ed. Loomis, Charles PSocio economic change and the religious factor in India
JA76. B37Beetham, DavidMax Weber and the theory of modern politics
JC263. W42 D7Dronberger, IlseThe political thought of Max Weber; in quest of statesmanship
JC263. W42 M66Mommsen, WolfgangThe political and social theory of Max Weber
JC328. 3. M47Merquior, Jose G.Rousseau and Weber: two studies in the theory of legitimacy
JF1501. P34Page, EdwardPolitical authority and bureaucratic power: a comparative analysis
JN3952. L613Loewenstein, KarlMax Weber's poltical ideas in the perspective of our time
ND553. R67 L4Leonard, Sandra F.Henri Rousseau and Max Weber
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