Sociological Theory
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General Works in Sociology Theory
HM24. A23Abel, Theodore F.Foundation of sociological theory
HM19. A25Abraham, JosephThe origins and growth of sociology
HM19. A73Aron, RaymondMain currents in sociological thought
HM26 .B45Benton, TedPhilosophical foundations of three sociologies
HM51. B43Berger, JosephSociological theories in progress
HM51. B454Berry, DavidCentral ideas in sociology: an introduction
HM51 . B458Beteille, AndreSix essays in comparative sociology
HM22. U5 B45Bierstedt, RobertAmerican sociological theory: a critical theory
HM24. B44Bierstedt, RobertPower and progress; essays on sociological theory
JA74. B5Birnbach, MartinNeo Freudian social philosophy
HM13. S56Blalock, H.Sociological theory and research: a critical appraisal
HM19 .H53Bogardus, EmoryA history of social thought
HM24 B617Boskoff, AlvinThe mosaic of sociological theory
HM24. B618Boskoff, AlvinTheory in American sociology; major sources and applications
HM24. C76Bronner, StephanCritical theory and society: a reader
HM36 .B85Burke, PeterHIstory and social theory
HM51. C25Cahnman, WernerSociology and history: theory and research
HM19 .C36Chambliss, RollinSocial thought: from Hammurabi to Comte
HM24. C62Cohen, Percy S.Modern social theory
301 C675Cole, G.D.H.Social theory
HM24. C63Coleman, JamesFoundations of social theory
HM19. c642Collins, RandallSociology since midcentury: essays in theory cumulation
HN17. C66Cook, TerrenceThe great alternatives of social thought: aristocrat,saint,capitalist,socialist
HM51. C6Cooley, Charles H.Sociological theory and social research
HM15 .C6Coser, Lewis A.Sociological theory
HM19. C84Cuzzort, RaymondHumanity and modern sociological thought
301 D36nDe Grange, M.The nature and elements of sociology
HM24. D435Denisoff, SergeTheories and paradigms in contemporary sociology
HM24. D56Dixon, KeithSociological theory; pretense and possibility
HM26. E48Emmet, DorothySociological theory and philosophical analysis
E1691. F32Feffer, AndrewThe Chicago pragmatists and American progressivism
HM19. F525Fletcher, RonaldThe making of sociology: a study of sociological theory
HM208. T4Franklin, ThomasThe environmental basis of society; a study in the history of sociological th.
HM24. G445Gibbs, Jack P.Sociological theory in construction
HM24. G446Giddens, AnthonyCentral problems in social theory: action, structure, and contradiction
HM24 .G4483Giddens, AnthonyProfiles and critiques in social theory
301 G36SGiddings, FranklinStudies in the theory of human society
301.15 G43eGinsberg, MorrisEssays in sociological and social philosophy
HM51. G635Goode, William J.Explorations in social theory
HM51. G64Gorman, BenjaminSocial themes
DF81. G65Gouldner, A.W.Enter Plato: origins of social theory
HM51 .H284Harris, C.C.Fundamental concepts and the sociological enterprise
304 H24oHarrison, FredericOn society (Comte, Mill, Positivism)
HM24. H39Hawthorn, GeofferyEnlightenment and despair: a history of sociology
HM22. P9 H4Hecker, JuliusRussian sociology: a contribution to the history of sociological thought and thr.
HM24. H457Held, DavidIntro to critical theory: Horkhiemer to Habermas
HM24 .S5444Held, DavidSocial theory of modern societies
HM22. U5 H48Hinkle, RoscoeDevelopments in modern sociological theory
HM24. H542Hinkle, RoscoeFounding theory of American sociology
JA76. H67Horowitz, IrvingFoundations of political sociology
H35. H68Horowitz, IrvingTHe new sociology: essays in social science and social theory
HM19. H58House, FloydThe development of sociology
HM24. I54Inglis, FredRadical Earnestness: English social theory 1880-1980
HM51. J47Jesser, ClintonSocial theory revisited
HM291. I8713Joachim, IsraelAlienation; from Marx to modern society; a macrosociological approach
HM24 .K535Kinloch, Graham C.Ideology and contemporary sociological thought
HM24. K54Kinloch, Graham C.Sociological theory: its development and major problems
HM104. K5Klapp, Orrin E.Models of social order: an introduction to sociological theory
BF175.5 F45 K87Kurzweil, EdithFreudians and feminists
HM24. L35Larson, CalvinMajor themes in sociological theory
HM24. L36Lazarsfeld, Paul F.Main trends in sociology
HM51 .S66235Lemert, CharlesSocial theory: the multicultural and classic readings
309 L61Lichtenberger, J.P.Development of social theory
HM24. L8Loomis, Charles P.Modern social theories, selected American writers
HM51. L78Lukes, StevenEssays in social theory
301 L972fLundberg, George Foundations of sociology
301 M334rMarcuse, HerbertReason and revolution; Hegel and the rise of social theory
301 M366nMartindale, DonThe nature and types of sociological theory
HM19 .M38Maus, HeinzA short history of sociology
HM24. T475McNall, ScottTheoretical perspectives in sociology
HM51. M35Mennell, StephenSociological theory: uses and unities
301 M62iMills, C. WrightImages of man; the classic tradition in sociological thinking
HM24. M57Mirkovic, DamirDialectic and sociological thought
Q175. M7313Mokrzycki, EdmundPhilosophy of science and sociology
HM19 .N5Nisbet,RobertThe sociological tradition
301 P256eParsons, TalcottEssays in sociological theory
HM51. P37Parsons, TalcottSociological theory and modern society
301 P256 sxParsons, TalcottTheories of society: foundations of modern sociological theory
HM19. P64Poggi, GianfrancoInages of society; essays on the sociological theories of Tocqueville, Marx, ..
HM51. R43Rex, JohnApproaches to sociology: an introduction to major trends in British soc.
HM24. R485Rhoads, John K.Critical issues in social theory
JA81. R495Richter, MelvinThe history of political and social concepts
HM13. F76Ritzer, GeorgeFrontiers of social thought
HM24. D38Roche de Coppens, P.Ideal man in classical sociology:the views of Comte, Durkheim, Pareto, Weber
HM19. R58Rossides, DanielThe history and nature of sociological theory
HM15. R85Runcimian, W.G.A treatise on social theory
HM22. E9 S44Seidman, StevenLiberalism and the origins of European social theory
301 sm1Small, A.W.General sociology; an exposition of the main development in sociological th.
HM19. 56Sorokin, P.A.Contemporary sociological theories
HM19 .S628Sorokin, P.A.Modern historical and social philosophies
HM51. S674Sorokin, P.A.Sociological theories of today
HM51. S86Spencer, MettaFoundations of modern sociology
HM19. 577Stark, WernerThe fundamental forms of social thought
HM19 S975Swingewood, AlanA short history of sociological thought
HM19. S98Szacki, JerzyHistory of sociological thought
HN13. T45Tilly, CharlesAs sociology meets history
HM24. T84Turner,J.H.The structure of sociological theory
HM24. W23Wallace, Walter L.Sociological theory; an introduction
HM24. W28Warshay, LeonThe current state of sociological theory: a critical interpretation
HM15. Y6Young, KimballPrinciples of sociology: a reader in theory and research
HM19 .Z4Zeitlin, Irving M.Ideology and the development of sociological theory
HM51. 248Zito, GeorgeSociological concepts