Herbert Spencer
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Works by Spencer
301 Sp3sThe study of sociology
570 Sp3 The principles of Biology
B1652 .A2The works of Herbert Spencer
B1653 .E7Essays on scientific, political, and speculative
B1655 .C7A epitome of synthetic philosophy
B1656. A2An Autobiography
BF121 .S7The principles of psychology
Bi653 .F4First principles
BJ1311 . S6The data of ethics
BJ1311 .S75The principles of ethics
HM1 . S8The principles of sociology
HM51 .S6987On social evolution; selected writings
HM51 .S7Social statics- abridged and revised; together with man vs. the state
HM51 .S8112The principles of sociology: selections
HM51. S699Reasons for dissenting from the philosophy of M. Comte and other essays
JC571 .S75The man versus the state
LA128. S65Essay on education and kindred subjects
LB675 .S7Education, intellectual, moral , physical
LB675 .S79 K3Herbert Spencer of education
Works About Spencer
BH39 . A5Alexander, SamuelArt and instinct
320 .9 H35scHearnshaw, F.J.C.The social and politcal ideas of some representative thinker of the V. age
B1656 .T5Thomson, J. ArthurHerbert Spencer
B1656. E4Elliott, Hugh S.R.Herbert Spencer
B1656. R8Royce, JossiahHerbert Spencer: an estimate and review
B1656. Y6Youmans, Edward L.Herbert Spencer on Americans and the Americans on Herbert Spencer
B1657 . K4Kennedy, James GettierHerbert Spencer
BD211 .S3ed. Santayana, GeorgeThe unknowable; the Herbert Spencer lecture
BJ602. S5Sidgwick, HenryLectures on the ethics of T.H. Green, Mr. Herbert Spencer, J. Martineau
GN281.4 .P7Pringle, J.W.S.Biology and the human species
HM22. G8 S75Peel, J.P.Y.Herbert Spencer: evolution of a sociologist
HM22. G8 S78Wiltshire, DavidThe social and political ideas of Herbert Spencer
HM51 .C6Cooley, Charles H.Sociological theory and social research
HM51 .S6985ed. Andreski, StanislavHerbert Spencer: structure, function, and evolution
LB675. S79 C7Compayre, GabrielHerbert Spencer and scientific education
PN761 .H22Harris, FrankContemporary portraits
Q175. 3. S35SpencerScientific explanation: papers based on Herbert Spencer's lectures
Q175.3. S33Harris, HenryScientific models and man
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