Karl Marx
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Works by Marx
B2923. Z7 M313Critique of Hegel's philosophy of right.Marx
D355. M313Karl Marx on colonialism and modernizationMarx
D355. N4The American journalism of Marx and EngelsMarx/Engels
D363. M37Surveys from exileMarx
D371. M37The Eastern Question;a reprint of letters written 1853-1856Marx
D387. M3The revolutions of 1848Marx
DA47. 65. M35Secret diplomatic history of the 18th centuryMarx
DA950. M32Ireland and the Irish questionMarx/Engels
DC274. M324The 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, with explanatory notesMarx
Dc317. C58The civil war in France: the Paris communeMarx/Lenin
DD207. E6Germany: revolution and counter-revolutionEngels/Marx
DD207.5 .M313The revolution of 1848-1849Marx/Engels
E469.8 .M37The Civil War in the USMarx
GN320. M346The ethnological notebooks of Karl MarxMarx
H X39.5. A4Marx, Engels: selected correspondenceMarx/Engels
HB163. P97 M282The poverty of philosophyMarx/Engels
HB175 .M254A contribution to the critique of political economyMarx
HB203. M317Theories of surplus valueMarx
HB203. M32Theories of surplus value: selectionsMarx
HB203. MB18Theories of surplus valueMarx
HB501. M 36613Das Kapital; a critique of political economyMarx
HB501. M3393Pre capitalist economic formationsMarx
HB501. M3561Capital, a critique of political economyMarx
HB501. M367 T6Karl Marx and Frederick Engels: selected correspondence1846- 1895Marx/Engels
HB97.5 .M3313Grundrisse. Foundations of the critique of political economyMarx
HS541.5 .S45Dynamics of social change; a reader in Marxist social scienceMarx/Engels/Lenin
HX11. M37The first international and afterMarx
HX273. M2265The cologne communist trialMarx/Engels
HX276. M2773Selected essaysMarx
HX276. M2773The Karl Marx libraryMarx
HX276. M2782The German ideology pt. 1-3Marx/ Engels
HX276. M2782The german ideologyMarx/Engels
HX276. M2789413Feuerbach- opposition to the materialist and idealist outlooksMarx/Engels
HX276. M3The communist manifestoMarx/Engels
HX276. M3Birth of the communist manifestoMarx/Engels
HX276.M2764 1970bWorks. 1968Marx/Engels
HX39.5. A16 1975Karl Marx, Frederick Engels: collected worksMarx/Engels
HX39.5. A223Writings of the young Marx on philosophy and societyMarx
HX39.5. A224The unknown Karl Marx; documents concerning Karl MarxMarx
HX39.5. A224The essential MarxMarx
HX39.5. A224Economic and philosophic manuscripts of 1874Marx
HX39.5. A224Karl Marx: economy, class, and social revolutionMarx
HX39.5. A224The portable Karl MarxMarx
HX39.5. A224The unknown Karl Marx; documents concerning Karl MarxMarx
HX39.5. A224 1971Early textsMarx
HX39.5. M34Essential writings of Karl MarxMarx
HX39.5. M374The Marx-Engels readerMarx/Engels
HX531. M3Karl Marx, Frederick Engels on literature and artMarx/Engels
HX546. W6Women and communism; selections from Marx, EngelsMarx/Engels/Lenin/Stalin
JV37. M3On colonialism; articles from the New York TribuneMarx/Engels
N72. M32Literature and art, by Karl Marx and Frederick EngelsMarx/Engels
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Werke...Marx/ Engels
Works About Marx
320.9 H35scHearnshaw, F.J.C.Social and political ideas of some representative thinkers of the Victorian age
330.1 Sch86tSchumpter, JosephThe great economists from Marx to Keynes
B133. B165 I3Rafiuddin, MuhammadIdeologies of the future (including a refutation of Marx)
B29. B445Berlin, Isaiah, Sir.Against the current: essays in the history of ideas
B3305. M74 A9313Axelos, KostasAlienation, praxis, and teche in the thought of Karl Marx
B3305. M74 B5513Bloch, ErnstOn Karl Marx
B3305. M74 K6Koren, Henry J.Marx and the authentic
B3305. M74 L28Lash, NicholasA matter of hope: a theologian's reflections on the thought of Karl Marx
B3305. M74 L5Livergood, NormanActivity in Marx's philosophy
B3305. M74 M3McLellan, DavidThe young Hegelians and Karl Marx
B3305. M74 T8Tucker, RobertPhilosophy and myth in Karl Marx
B3305. M74 W63Wood, Allen W.Karl Marx
CB357. M7MacMurray, JohnSome makers of the modern spirit; a symposium
D387. W5Whitridge, ArnoldMen in crisis; the revolutions of 1848
D7. H6Holborn, HajoHistory and the humanities
HB501. M37 B73Brewer, AnthonyA guide to Marx's capital
HB501. M5 B64Bloom, Solomon F.A world of nations; a study of the national implications in the work of Karl Marx
HB501. M5 B7Bohem, Bawerk, E.V.Karl Marx and the close of his system
HB501. M5 S67Spargo, JohnKarl Marx; his life and work
HB501. R69Romano, RichardViews on capitalism
HB501. S62Smith, DavidMarx's capital for beginners
HB501. S967Sweezy, Paul M.Modern capitalism and other essays
HB501. V933Vygodskii, Vitalii S.The story of a discovery: how Karl Marx wrote Capital
HB76. H4Heilbroner, RobertThe worldly philosophers: the lives, times, and ideas of the great economic thinkers
HB97. 5. K6976Krader, LawrenceThe Asiatic mode of production: sources, development and critique in Marx
HB97.5 .M2613Mandel, ErnestFormation of the economic thought of Karl Marx 1843- Capital
HB97.5 B64Boudin, LouisThe theoretical systems of Karl Marx in light of recent criticism
HB97.5 W59Wolfson, MurrayKarl Marx
HC106.5 W55Williams, William A.The great evasion; an essay on the contemporary relevance of Karl Marx...
HD1493. S65. H85Humphrey, CarolineKarl Marx collective: economy, scarcity, and religion in a Siberian collective
HD8039. M22 G33Gohre, PaulThree months in a workshop: a practical study
HM19. A73Aron, RaymondMain currents in sociological thought
HM22. G3 W45453Lowith, KarlMax Weber and Karl Marx
HX23. T2Taylor, George R.S.Leaders of socialism, past and present
HX276. L134Laski, HaroldHarold J. Laski on the communist manifesto
HX36. H57Hoslosbawm, E.J.Revolutionaries: contemporary essays
HX39.5 . M395Mazlish, BruceThe meaning of Karl Marx
HX39.5 .A5595Appelbaum, RichardKarl Marx
HX39.5 .G413Gemkow, HeinrichKarl Marx, a biography
HX39.5 .M27McLellan, DavidMarx before Marxism
HX39.5 G3513Garaudy, RogerKarl Marx, the evolution of his thought
HX39.5 K6Korsh, KarlKarl Marx
HX39.5. 056Olsen, RichardKarl Marx
HX39.5. A543Adams, H.P.Karl Marx in his earlier writings
HX39.5. A853Avineri, ShlomoThe social political thought of Karl Marx
HX39.5. B4Berlin, Isaiah, Sir.Karl Marx: his life and environment
HX39.5. B5813Blumenberg, WernerPortrait of Marx; an illustrated biography
HX39.5. B62Bottomore, T.B.Karl Marx
HX39.5. F4713Fetscher, IringMarx and Marxism
HX39.5. F63Foner, PhillipWhen Karl Marx died; comments in 1883
HX39.5. H25Hammen, Oscar J.The Red 48ers; Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
HX39.5. K333ed. McLellan, DavidMarx, interviews and recollections
HX39.5. K337Foner, PhillipKarl Marx remembered: comments at the time of his death
HX39.5. M26McLellan, DavidKarl Marx: his life and thought
HX39.5. M28McLellan, DavidThe thought of Karl Marx: an introduction
HX39.5. M4163Mehring, FranzKarl Marx; the story of his life
HX39.5. N483Nicolaevsky, Boris I.Karl Marx: a man and fighter
HX39.5. P73Prawer, Siegbert S.Karl Marx and world literature
HX39.5. S56Smulkstys, JuliusKarl Marx
HX39.5. T5613Tonnies, FerdinandKarl Marx, his life and teachings
HX39.5. V29Verdys, Vytas S.Karl Marx: scientist? revolutionary? humanist?
HX39.5. W46Wessell, LeonardKarl Marx, romantic irony, and the proletariat: the mythopoetic origins of Marxism.
HX39.5. Z99Eubanks, Cecil L.Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels: an analytical biography
HX521. R67Rose, MargaretMarx's lost aesthetic
HX536. M5413Miranda, Jose PorfiroMarx against Marxists: the Christian humanism of Karl Marx
HX542. F67Freedman, RobertMarxist social thought
HX550. N3 S95Szporluck, RomanCommunism and nationalism: Karl Marx versus Friedrich List
HX828. T47Thomas, PaulKarl Marx and the anarchists
JA74.5 H853Fitzgerald, RossHuman needs and politics
PS3565. W57 K3Owens, RochelleThe Karl Marx play and others
Q175. B73Wiatr, JerzyPolish essays in the methodology of the social sciences
SX39.5. M3764Fromm, ErichMarx's concept of man
U240. P62Pomeroy, WilliamGuerilla warfare and Marxism
Recent Articles Concerning Marx
1996, Jan., 292:1748, 20-21
Torchinsky, JasonGreat slackers in history
History of Political Economy
1995,Spring, 27:1, 195-200
Schabas, MargaretThe relevance of Karl Marx
HIstory of Political Economy
1995,Spring, 27:1, 177-183
King, J.E.Economic aspects of Marxism
History of Poltical Economy
1995,Spring, 27:1, 167-172
Hollander, SamuelThe relevance of Karl Marx
Science and Society
1995, Summer, 59:2, 197-206
Meisenhelder, ThomasMarx, Engels, and Africa
History of Political Economy
1995, Spring, 27:1,183-189
Negishi, TakashiAttitude of economists towards Marxism
History of Political Economy
1995, Spring, 27:1, 201-207
Steedman, IanEconomic aspects of Marxism
History of Political Economy
1995, Spring, 27:1, 147-159
Elliott, John E.The economic importance of Karl Marx's political theories
History of Political Economy
1995, Spring, 27:1, 111-146
Brewer, AnthonyA minor Post-Ricardian: Marx as an economist
Science and Society
1995, Spring 59:1,52-69
Kurdas, ChidemAccumulation and technical change: Marx revisited
Science and Society
1995, Spring 59:1, 38-52
Ghorashi,RezaMarx on free trade
The British Journal of Sociology
1995, Sept., 46:3,395-409
Neocleous,MarkFrom civil society to the social
Journal of Economic Issues
1995, Sept., 29:3, 781-806
Shuklian, SteveMarx, Dewey, and the instrumentalist approach to political economy
Political Studies
1995, March, 43:1, 92-105
Cohen, AvnerDivided capitalism and Marx's concept of politics
Journal of Economic Issues
1995, June, 29:2, 575-585
Hodgson, GeoffreyVarieties of capitalism from perspective of Veblen and Marx
TJO the history of Ideas
1995, Jan., 33:1, 133-159
Stanley, John L.The Marxism of Marx's doctoral dissertation
History of Political Economy
1995, Fall, 27:3, 599-605
Haan, Werner deOn the replacement of fixed capital in Marx's simple reproduction
Economic and Political weekly
1995, 30:6, 292-292
Marx is Dead, Long Live McCarthy
Economic and Political Weekly
1995, 30:20, 1202-1204
Patnaik, A.K.Burden of Marx and morals
Journal of Economic Issues
1995, 29:3, 781-805
Shuklian, S.Marx, Dewey, and the Instrumentalist Approach to Political Economy
New Republic
1995, 212:18, 5-5
Mcgowan, T.Sarte and Marx
Science and Society
1994, Winter,58:4, 392-415
Cahan, Jean A.The concept of property in Marx's theory of history
Science and Society
1994, Summer,58:2, 175-195
Milios, JohnMarx's theory and the historic Marxist controversy on economic crisis
Science and Society
1994, Spring, 58:1, 34-53
Kirkpatrick, GraemePhilosophical foundations of Analytical Marxism
The Review of Politics
1994, Spring, 56:2, 237-261
Katz, ClaudioThe socialist polis: antiquity and socialism in Marx's thought
Cambridge Journal of Economics
1994, Oct., 18:5, 447-462
Lapavitsas, CostasThe banking school and the monetary thought of Karl Marx
New Left Review
1994, May-June, v.205, 31-59
Derrida, JacquesSpectres of Marx
Canadian Journal of Philosophy
1994, Dec.,24:4, 541-564
Vogel, JeffreyIs Marx a moral consequentialist?
The Sociological Quarterly
1994, August, 35:3, 415-430
McCarthy, E. DoyleThe uncertain future of ideology: rereading Marx
Philosophy East and West
1994, April, 44:2, 279-302
Callahan, WilliamResisting the norm: ironic images of Marx and Confucius
Canadian Journal of Sociology
1994, 19:4, 571-572
Grabb, E.Capitalism and Modernity- an excursus on Marx and Weber
The Wilson Quarterly
1993, Winter, 17:1, 50-57
Watson, GeorgeMillar or Marx?
History of Political Economy
1993, Spring, 25:1, 65-85
Saad-Filho, AlfredoLabor, money, and labour-money: a review of Marx's...
The Wilson Quarterly
1993, Spring, 17:2, 152-153
Boichuk, YuriIn defense of Marx
Journal of Economic Issues
1993, Sept.,27:3, 721-740
Townshend, JulesMarx and Veblen on human nature,history, and capitalism
World Press Review
1993, Sept., 40:9,26-28
Kurbjuweit, Dirk'Mega workers of the world, unite!
1993, July-Aug.,36:4, 45-50
Samuels, WarrenThe status of Marx after the disintegration of the USSR
World Future
1993, Jan.,36:1, 1-20
Moiseev, NikitaA new look at evolution: Marx, De Chardin, Vernadsky
Science and Society
1993, Fall, 57:3, 262-294
Smith, Murray E.G.Productivity, valorization and crisis:..
Cambridge Journal of Economics
1993, Dec.,17:4, 463-479
Lee, Chai-onMarx's labour theory of value revisited
Political Studies
1993, Dec., 41:4, 636-650
Mayer, RobertMarx, Lenin and the corruption of the working class
The Review of Politics
1992, Winter, 54:1, 50-72
Katz, Claudio J.Marx on the peasantry: class in itself or class in struggle?
Science and Society
1992, Summer, 56:2, 163-179
Jie-Hyun, LimMarx's theory of imperialism and the Irish national question
Science and Society
1992, Summer, 56:2, 133-163
Lapides, KennethHenryk Grossman and the debate on the theoretical status of Marx's Capital
1992, Spring, 59:1, 77-106
Grossman, MarshallThe fruits of one's labor in Miltonic practice and Marxian theory
1992, Spring, 39:2, 221-226
Castoriadis, CorneliusThe crisis of Marxism, the crisis of politics
1992, Spring, 121:2, 1-20
Manuel, FrankA requiem for Karl Marx
New Left Review
1992, Sept-Oct.,v.195, 37-70
Geras, NormanBringing Marx to justice: an addendum and rejoinder
Washington Monthly
1992, March, 24:3, 11-16
Boo, KatherineWhy we need a new Marx; because the market isn't moral
Work and Occupations
1992, Feb.,19:1, 15-18
Tausky,CurtWork is desirable/ loathsome: Marx versus Freud
Cambridge Journal of Economics
1992, Dec.,16:4, 405-420
Likitkijsomboom, PichitThe Hegelian dialectic and Marx's 'Capital.
Monthly Review
1992, Dec., 44:7, 14-28
Sweezy, PaulThe Theory of Capitalist Development, Chapter One, Marx's Method.
New Statesman and Society
1992, August 28, 5:4, s5-s7
MacRae, D.G.Karl III's uneasy reign (Karl Marx as a sociologist)
New Statesman and Society
1992, August 14, 5:215, 10-12
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Science and Society
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Labor History
1991, Wntr.,32:1, 91-104
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Science and Society
1991, Summer, 55:2, 158-175
Kellogg, PaulEngels and the roots of revisionism: a re-evaluation
World Press Review
1991, Nov.,38:11, 17-19
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History and Theory
1991, May, 30:2, 153-180
Fracchia, JosephMarx's Aufhebung of philosophy and the foundations of a materialist science of history
Political Theory
1991, Feb.,19:1, 7-28
Booth, William J.Economies of time: on the idea of time in Marx's political economy
Science and Society
1991, Fall, 55:3, 336-348
Frankel, HymanMarxism and physics: a new look
Modern Age
1991, Fall, 34:1, 53-60
Krasnov, VladislavThe resumption of history (after a Marxist detour)
Modern Age
1991, Fall, 34:1, 31-38
Michael, FranzThe end of utopianism
Scientific American
1991, Dec., 265:6, 158-159
Rosenberg, NathanEssay: Marx wasn't all wrong
TJO the history of Philosophy
1991, April, 29:2, 253-280
Buchwalter, AndrewHegel, Marx, and the concept of immanent critique
American Philosophical Quarterly
1991, April, 28:2, 125-136
Schacht, RichardHegel, Marx, Nietzsche, and the future of self-alientation
Southern Humanities
1990, Winter, 24:1, 33-48
Allen, DouglasConnection between studying the humanities and becoming an ethical person
Canadian Journal of Philosophy
1990, Sept., 20:3, 383-392
Panichas, GeorgeMarx's theory of revolutionary change
Technology and Culture
1990, Oct.,31:4, 780-813
Adler, PaulMarx, machines, and skill
The Journal of Philosophy
1990, Oct., 87:10, 535-537
Capaldi, NicholasHook, Dewey, and Marx
New Statesman and Society
1990, Nov 2, 3:125, 20-23
Giddens, AnthonyModernity and utopia (is there a future for socialism)
1990, Nov 12, 146:11, 174-176
Morais, RichardThe tale of two tombs (Adam Smith and Karl Marx)
The Nation
1990, May 14. 250:19, 664-666
Fox, RobinMarxim's obit is premature
International Philosophical Qrtly
1990, June, 30:2, 135-151
Jeannot, ThomasMarx's use of religious metaphors
1990, July-Aug., 5:4, 11-21
Cantor, JayThe patriarchs.(Nietzsche, Freud and Marx on community in light of the 60s)
Political Studies
1990, Dec., 38:4, 672-687
Katz, StephenThe problems of Europecentrism and evolution in Marx's writings on colonialism
Political Studies
1990, Dec., 38:4, 654-672
Berki, R.N.Through and through Hegel: Marx's road to communism
The Amer. JO Economics and Soc.
1990, April, 49:2, 211-222
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The Economist
1990, Annual, v.313, 16-18
Macrae, NormanAfter communism; will countries escape Marx only to be lured by Peron
1989, Winter, v. 148, 1-28
Rubel, MaximilienThe French Revolution and the education of young Marx
1989, Summer, 36:3, 343-350
Plotke, DavidMarxism and democratic theory
History of Political Economy
1989, Summer, 21:2, 273-299
Evans, MichaelJohn Stuart Mill and Karl Marx: some problems and perspectives
1989, Sept 4, 134:10, 57-58
Elson,JohnHas history come to an end? A provocative case: democracy has outlived communism
Poltical Theory
1989, Nov.,17:4, 511-535
Warren, MarkLiberal constitutionalism as ideology: Marx and Habermas
Political Theory
1989, May, 17:2, 205-223
Booth, William J.Gone fishing: making sense of Marx's concept of communism
1989, March 6, 143:5, 27-28
Forbes, Malcom S. A must read for students- and parents, too.
Environmental Ethics
1989, Fall, 11:3, 243-259
Clark, John P.Marx's inorganic body
1989, Dec.,32:4, 419-437
Graham, KeithClass-a simple view
Social Research
1989, Autumn, 56:3, 713-740
Neilsen, KaiMarxism and arguing for justice
Monthly Review
1988, Sept, 40:4, 47-50
Rosen, BernardMarxism and religion
The Economist
1988, Sept 24, 398:7569,17-19
editorialMarx turned upside down; (communism and pluralism)
U.S. News and World Report
1987, Oct19, v.103, 41-42
Bialer, SewerynMarx had it wrong. Does Gorbachev?
1987, Oct.,98:1, 104-136
Buchanan, Allen E.Marx, morality, and history: an assessment of recent analytical work on Marx
Social Problems
1987, Oct., 34:4, 345-362
Simpson, EdithCrime, social structure and criminal punishment
The Review of Politics
1987, Fall, 49:4, 467-490
Ring, JenniferSaving objectivity for feminism: MacKinnon, Marx, and other possibilities
National Review
1986, Sept 12, v.38, 18-20
Repealing socialism
Monthly Review
1986, June, v.38, 42-48
Blanc, Paul LeThe polticial ideas of Marx and Engels
1985, April, v.37, 37-42
Himmelfarb, GertrudeThe real Marx
1984, Dec 24, v.124, 35-36
Marx is dead- long live Marx
1984, April, v. 77, 28-35
Johnson, PaulMarxism vs. the Jews (the left and anti-semitism)
The Christian Century
1984, April 25, v.101, 423-425
Peerman, DeanJesus, Marx, and the money-changers
Christianity Today
1983, Sept 2,v.27, 71-73
Yoder, WilliamMartin Luther is outdrawing Karl Marx in East Germany
UNESCO Courier
1983, Oct., 22-24
Lapin, Nikolai I.A driving force of human evolution
History Today
1983, March, v.33,5-11
McLellan, DavidMarx in England
1983, March 28, v.121, 40-41
Small thanks: memories of Marx
The Progressive
1983, Feb., v.47, 16-17
Lens, SidneyMaking Marx respectable
National Review
1981,July 24:33, 831-835
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Monthly Review
1981, Jan.,v.32, 58-62
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Monthly Review
1981, April, v.32, 38-44
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Monthly Review
1980, June, v.32, 42-57
Vilakazi, HerbertWas Karl Marx a black man?
National Review
1980, Feb 22, v.32, 244-245
Buckley, William F.Marx is Dead