Emile Durkheim
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Works by Durkheim
301 D935sSociology and philosophy
BL50. D85Durkheim on religion: a selection of readings with bibliographies
GN470. D8The elementary forms of religious life
GN480. D843Incest; the nature and origin of taboo
GN490. D813Primitive classification
HD51. D9613The division of labor in society
HM216. D852On morality and society: selected writings
HM216. D853Professional ethics and civic morals
HM22 .F8 D778Selected writings
HM55. D85Emile Durkheim: selections from his work
HM55. D8585Soziologie und Philosophie
HV6545. D812Suicide, a study in sociology
HX265. D82Socialism and Saint-Simon
LC191. D772Education and sociology
LC262. D813Moral education: a study in the theory and application of the sociology of education
Works About Durkheim
HM19. G53Giddens, AnthonyCapitalism and modern social theory; an analysis of the writings of Marx, Durkheim, and Weber.
HM22. F8 D774Cladis, Mark S.A communitarian defense of liberalism: Emile Durkheim and comtemporary social theory
GT3150 . D4DurkheimDeath and dying: views from many cultures
HM22 .F8 D788Fenton, SteveDurkheim and modern society
HV6545. T36Taylor, SteveDurkheim and the study of sociology
HQ1154. L427Lehmann, Jennifer M.Durkheim and women
HM216. D854Pickering, W.S.F.Durkheim: essays on morals and education
HM22. F8 D895Wallwork, ErnestDurkheim: morality and milieu
HM22 . F8 D86Nisbet, RobertEmile Durkheim
HM22. F8 D8737Thompson, KennethEmile Durkheim
HM22. F8 D88Wolff, Kurt H. Emile Durkheim, 1858-1917, a collection of essays
301 D3935YaAlpert, HarryEmile Durkheim and his sociology
HM22. F8 D828Jones, Robert A. Emile Durkheim- an introduction to 4 major works
HM22. F8 D854Mestrovic, StjepanEmile Durkheim and the reformation of sociology
HM22 .F8 D786Hamilton, PeterEmile Durkheim: critical assesments
HM22. F8 D845Lukes, StevenEmile Durkheim :his life and work: a historical and critical study
HM24. E49DurkheimEmile Durkheim on institutional analysis
HM22. F8 D83LaCapra, DominickEmile Durkheim: sociologist and philosopher
HM19 . A73Aron, RaymondMain currents in sociological thought
HM19. C84Cuzzort, Raymond P.Humanity and modern sociological thought
HM24. D38Roche de Coppens, PeterIdeal man in classical sociology
HM19. P64Poggi, GianfrancoImages of society; essays on the sociological theories of Tocqueville, Marx, Durkheim.
HM22. F8 D863NIsbet, RobertThe sociology of Emile Durkheim
BL48. B364Barnhart, Joe E.The study of religion and its meaning: new explorations in light of Karl Popper& Emile Durkheim
HM19. M85Munch, RichardUnderstanding modernity: toward a new perspective going beyond Durkheim and Weber
HM24. A465Alexander, JeffreyTheoretical logic in sociology
HM22. F79 N3Nandan, YashThe Durkheim school: a systematic and comprehensive bibliography
Recent Articles Concerning Durkheim
American sociological review
1995, 60:4, 566-585
Lehmann, J.M.Waltz, Durkheim, and international relations; the international system as an abnormal form.
Jfor the scientific study of religion
1995, 34:2, 186-199
Hertel, B.R.A cross-national analysis on the effect of moral individualism on murder rates.
IJO offender therapy& comparative crim.
1995 spring,39:1 63-75
Huang, W.S.Durkheim's rules of sociological method; is it a classic?
Sociological perspectives
1995 spring, 38:1, 15-27
Porter, TheodoreStatistical and social facts from Quetelet to Durkheim.
Sociological perspectives
1995 spring, 38:1, 1-14
Turner, Stephen P.Collective consciousness, morphology, collective representations: Durkheim's sc. of knowledge
Sociological perspectives
1995 spring, 38:1 57-76
Schmaus, WarrenExplanation and essence in 'Rules of sociological method' and 'division of labor in society'
Sociological perspectives
1995 spring, 38:1 41-57
Nemedi, DenesDurkheim's theories of deviance and suicide: a feminist reconsideration
A.Political Science review
1995 sept., 89:3, 669-681
BarkdullAmbivalent Cartesians: Durkheim, Montesquieu, and method.
The American journal of sociology
1995 jan., 100:4, 904-931
Lehmann, JenniferDurkheim on occupational corporations: an exegesis and interpretation
Sociological inquiry
1994 winter,64:1 23-37
Shope, Janet H. Sex and the sociological fathers
Journal of the history of ideas
1994 july, 55:3, 461-482
Hawkins, M.J.Separate but equal: Durkheim's response to the woman question
The American journal of sociology
1994 july, 100:1, 1-40
Jones, RobertDurkheim's Montesquieu
Canadian review of soc. and anthropology
1994 may, 31:2, 117-139
Sydie, R.A.The imaginary and the sacred in Durkheim's sociology
Sociological inquiry
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Tole, Lise AnnRousseau and Durkheim: the relation between the public and the private
The journal of religious ethics
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Current sociology
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Orru, MarcoAutonomy and personality in Durkheim: an essay on content and method
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1992 June, 31:2 113-131
Reeves, Edward B.The interplay of micro and macro processes in the longitudinal study of courts: be yond Durkheim
Journal of the history of ideas
1992 jan-mar.,51:1,71-91
Cladis, MarkReligious studies, naturalism, and the persistence of astrology
Social forces
1991 dec., 70:2, 343-365
Schwartz, BarryA test of Durkheim's theory of suicide using data from modern nations
Law and society
1990 may, 24:2 241-256
Sanders, JosephReappraising Durkheim's 'elementary forms of the religious life' in the context of Schopenhauer
The British journal of sociology
1990 june, 41:2, 225-234
Travis, RobertMoral theory based on the 'heart' versus the 'mind': Schopenhauer/Durkheim critiques of K ant
The British journal of sociology
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Hund, JohnSocial density and public ritual in non-industrial communities: a cross cultural analysis
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1990 dec., 29:4, 482-496
Greenwood, Susan F.Searching for the starting points of scientific inquiry: Durkheim's rules of so ciological method
Sociological inquiry
1989 summer,59:3, 267-287
Mestrovic, Stjepan G.Socioeconomic development, suicide and religion: a test of Durkheim's theory of religion and sui.
The sociological quarterly
1989 summer, 30:2, 225- 245
Reeves, Edward B.Anonymity and the rise of universal occasions for religious ritual: an extension of Durkh eim
Int. J of comparative sociology
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Strenski, IvanMourning and the making of a sacred symbol: Durkheim and the Lincoln assassination.
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Mestrovic, StjepanQuestion of Caste in Modern society- Durkheim contradictory theories of race, class, and sex
Journal of the history of ideas
1987 jul-sept., 48:3 483-508
Siegel, JerroldParental influences on God images among children