Auguste Comte
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Works by Comte
B2223. E5 F42Introduction to the positive philosophy
B2223. E57The positive philosophy of August Comte
B2228. E5 B7A general view of positivism
B2245 .A613Appeal to conservatives
B2245 .P7Preliminary discourse on the positive spirit
B2245.C33 E53The catechism of positive religion
HM131. C74313The crisis of industrial civilization: the early essays of August Comte
HM55. C73Systeme de politique positive
Works About Comte
304 H24Harrison, FredricOn society
B2208. L46ed. Lenzer, GertrudeAugust Comte and postivism: the essential writings
B2247. P53Pickering, MaryAugust Comte: an intellectual history
B2248. L413Levy-Brunt, LucienThe philosophy of August Comte
B2248. M7Mill, John StuartAugust Comte and positivism
B2248. M7Mill, John StuartThe positive philosophy of August Comte
B2248. s73Standley, ArlineAugust Comte
B831. s5Simon, Walter M.European positivism in the nineteenth century, an essay in intellectual history
DA533 . K32Kent, ChristopherBrains and numbers: elitism, Comtism, and democracy in mid-Victorian England
E169. 1. H2725Harp, Gillis J. Positivist republic: August Comte and the reconstruction of American liberalism
HM22. F8 C6Evans-Pritchard, E.E.The sociology of Comte; an appreciation
HM22. F8. C73Simpson, GeorgeAugust Comte, sire of sociology
HM51. S699Spencer, HerbertReasons for dissenting from the philsophy of M. Comte
Recent Articles Concerning Comte
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