red locations are places I lived, 1957-65 (except for these)
blue locations are (mostly) from Rolling Stone  (see below)


Rolling Stone  26 Feb 76, p 48-9 (see legend below)


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  1. Hippie Hill: the public forum, picnicking spot and primal social setting of the neighborhood.
  2. The Diggers' Free Frame of Reference and Free Store
  3. The Radha-Krishna Temple
  4. Far-Fetched Foods, also known as Blind Jerry's: the first health food store in the Haight
  5. Mouse Studios/Pacific Ocean Trading Co.: poster gallery
  6. The I-Thou coffee shop
  7. Quasar's Ice Cream
  8. The Trip without a Ticket: a later incarnation of the Free frame of Reference
  9. The Hip Job Co-Op: job referrals
  10. The Straight Theater: a movie theater converted to dance hall
  11. 42 Belvedere, where Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn were busted
  12. The Shire School: tuition-free Summerhill-inspired primary school
  13. The Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic (located at Happening House)
  14. Tracy's Donuts: popular gathering place because of its late hours
  15. The Pall Mall Cocktail Lounge: started serving "Love Burgers"
  16. The Print Mint: a poster gallery started after the tenant, a Berkeley book dealer, was denied a license to sell used books in the Haight
  17. The Psychedelic Shop: books, records, paraphernalia, meditation room
  18. Mnasidika: first hip shop on Haight Street
  19. The Blue Unicorn: first coffee house in the neighborhood, opened 1963
  20. 710 Ashbury, the Grateful Dead house
  21. The Blushing Peony (also, at various times, Skinnidippin, Middle
  22. All Saints Episcopal Church: lent its facilities to the Diggers over the objection of parishioners
  23. The Panhandle: scene of free rock concerts and Diggers' free feeds
  24. The Drogstore Cafe
  25. The Phoenix: paraphernalia shop--pipes, papers, incense, Indian goods. The offices of the "Oracle" were upstairs
  26. 112 Lyon: Janis Joplin's apartment
  27. 1360 Fell, Allen Ginsberg's sometime residence
  28. Huckleberry's for Runaways: housing and counseling for runaway minors
  29. The Albin place, 1090 Page: birthplace of Big Brother and the Holding Company
  30. The Tape Music Center: Charlatans' rehearsal hall, Bill Ham's light show performances, Anna Halprin Dance Troupe, electronic music performances, SF studio of Berkeley radio station KPFA-FM
  31. Magic Theater for Madmen Only: primordial hippie boutique
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