Western Washington University
                    - a locator legend follows this map -
                     some personal locations follow that
                   The Haight in relation to San Francisco

   |\                        Clayton     Masonic       Lyon     Broderick
   |N\          Shrader  Cole     ASHBURY   |  Central  |   Baker   |  Divis-
           Stanyan  |                       |     |     |     |     |   adero
              |     |       USF       |F    |  G  |     |     |     |     |
   :::::::::::|     |     |     |     |    H|    J|     |     |     |     |
   G ::::Grove|_____|_____|_____|K____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|
   O :::::::::| SMH |    L|     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
   L ::::Hayes|_____|_____|_M___|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|
   D :::::::::|     |     |     |   s |     |     |     |     |     |     |
   E :::::Fell|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_A___|_____|
   N ::::::::::::::::::::PANHANDLE:::::: w :::::::::::::::::: |     |     |
   G ::::: a :|     |     |   l |     |     |     |     |     |     |    D|S
   A :::::Page|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|z____|_____|C___E|
   T :::::::::|   d |  N  |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
   E :::HAIGHT|_O___|_f__j|_____|mo_pr|__u__|x____|_____|_____|_____|_____|
   :::::::::::|P   R| e   |Q k  | n q |     | y   |:::::::::::|     |     |
   P :::Waller|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|:::BUENA:::|____B|_____|
   A :::::::::|     |     |     |     |t    |     |:::VISTA:::|     |     |
   R :::Beulah|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|T__________|_____|_____|
   K ::: b,c :|     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
              |     |     |i    |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
              |     |   h |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
             Sta   Shr   Col   Cla   Ash   Mas   Cen   Lyo   Bak   Bro   Div

   locations a-E from  ROLLING STONE, February 26, 1976, p 48-9
      -- click, then find locator letter near top of view --

a. Hippie Hill: the public forum, picnicking spot and primal social setting of the neighborhood.
b. The Diggers' Free Frame of Reference and Free Store
c. The Radha-Krishna Temple
d. Far-Fetched Foods, also known as Blind Jerry's: the first health food store in the Haight
e. Mouse Studios/Pacific Ocean Trading Co.: poster gallery
f. The I-Thou coffee shop
g. Quasar's Ice Cream
h. The Trip without a Ticket: a later incarnation of the Free frame of Reference
i. The Hip Job Co-Op: job referrals
j. The Straight Theater: a movie theater converted to dance hall
k. 42 Belvedere, where Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn were busted
l. The Shire School: tuition-free Summerhill-inspired primary school
m. The Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic (located at Happening House)
n. Tracy's Donuts: popular gathering place because of its late hours
o. The Pall Mall Cocktail Lounge: started serving "Love Burgers"
p. The Print Mint: a poster gallery started after the tenant, a Berkeley book dealer, was denied a license to sell used books in the Haight
q. The Psychedelic Shop: books, records, paraphernalia, meditation room
r. Mnasidika: first hip shop on Haight Street
s. The Blue Unicorn: first coffee house in the neighborhood, opened 1963
t. 710 Ashbury, the Grateful Dead house
u. The Blushing Peony (also, at various times, Skinnidippin, Middle
v. All Saints Episcopal Church: lent its facilities to the Diggers over the objection of parishioners
w. The Panhandle: scene of free rock concerts and Diggers' free feeds
x. The Drogstore Cafe
y. The Phoenix: paraphernalia shop--pipes, papers, incense, Indian goods. The offices of the "Oracle" were upstairs
z. 112 Lyon: Janis Joplin's apartment
A. 1360 Fell, Allen Ginsberg's sometime residence
B. Huckleberry's for Runaways: housing and counseling for runaway minors
C. The Albin place, 1090 Page: birthplace of Big Brother and the Holding Company
D. The Tape Music Center: Charlatans' rehearsal hall, Bill Ham's light show performances, Anna Halprin Dance Troupe, electronic music performances, SF studio of Berkeley radio station KPFA-FM
E. Magic Theater for Madmen Only: primordial hippie boutique

PLACES I'VE ADDED to the Rolling Stone map
USF - University of San Francisco (I enrolled here in Sep 1957; the Jesuits threw me out in Oct 1961. I lived here in Phelan Hall when I wasn't living in an off-campus apartment. One summer I lived, undetected, in a faculty office - Fitzgerald's; I avoided the under-the-door drafts by sleeping a coffin normally used by basketball cheerleaders as a game prop)
SMH - St. Mary's Hospital (I worked here as a the only non-Black janitor; also later in Central Supply)
F. 28 Hemway Terrace (Hemway is Ashbury, continued north of Fulton, roomed with Jack DeGovia, 1962; Jack's girlfriend Sheila McCafferty ran a restaurant at the site which next became the Blue Unicorn)
G. Petrini Plaza shopping center
H. Fulton Foods ma & pa grocery which fed me (mostly bourbon and blue cheese) on credit
J. 1725 Fulton, #10 (my first apartment, Summer 1958, with George Schornick who went off to the Seminary; next year with Mike Prest who later committed suicide rather than 'come out')
K. 58 Clayton, #6 (Ed Twigg, Sam Andrew, & me: Summer 62; when we ran out of money Sam and I lived on nothing but rice for two months)
L. 115 Cole (Summer 1963, Dave Ayala); 117 Cole (several times)
M. Russian Restaurant (University 'Good Eats' Cafe) run by George and Ksenya Alexeff; they gave me free dinners at closing time for about a year
N. 1849 Page (#1, 2nd floor front, with Sam Andrew and Penny and Sue Remolif, 1962 -- the first commune in the Haight; 3rd floor rear, with Jack DeGovia, Dan Duggan and Dave Ayala, Fall 1963 till summer 1964)
O. Safeway, Littleman Markets
P. Bob's Drive-In on Stanyan, where I spent many of my post-2am hours drinking free refills poured by a waitress we called Sweetwater (I think that's a town she came from in Tennessee)
Q. 610 Cole My friend Lee Vandendale's apartment; I spent many, many hours there; we celebrated Beethoven's birthday there with a singing of the 4th mvt of the 9th; Charles Manson lived at 616 Cole
R. 625 Shrader Apartment of Anne O'Brien & Ginny Mathis - first San Francisco address of the author of "Interview with the Vampire"
S. House on Divisadero where "Inverview with the Vampire" begins
T. ?? Buena Vista Jack DeGovia and I shared what had been the music loft of one of the Spreckles mansions (former occupants: Ambrose Bierce, Jack London).

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